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            Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plank Location: Home >> Product Show >> Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plank

            Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plank

            Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plank     Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plank


            Adopting international advanced extrusion production lines and molding industrial process to produce various products with thickness of 10mm-60mm, which mainly use series of benefits of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, such as wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating, non-toxic and others, to replace manganese steel, stainless steel, steel grit, concrete and other materials used as lining. They perform well with easy installation, quick positions release, non-stick knot and no blocking positions.


            • Small deviation of surface flatness, finish and thickness (less than 2.5% of plate thickness) and so on.

            • Sheet size: width 100-600mm, thickness 6-30mm, the length of any interception. Design various specifications of extrusion plank mould according to user requirements.

            • Application: mainly used as lining for coal, ore, sand and other warehouses, increasing service life and solving the export congestion and others.